Here @AgileBits we love helping our 1Password users and pride ourselves on giving helpful and friendly answers to everyone who reaches out to us. Nicereply is one of our effective tools that continues to help us evaluate our interactions with our customers and hearing our customer’s feedback has always been very important to us. Our goal is to WOW our customers with every reply we send out and once we show that we’re human, have a sense of humour and are actually there to help them, they are quick to respond with a “Happy Face’ to Nicereply. We certainly love collecting those 😀! Thanks Nicereply!

Rob Hanslip
AgileBits Support Coordinator

Best Agents

Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. Score
1. Adam Duguid 9.82
2. Heather Robb 9.79
3. Frank Catalano 9.88
4. Nathan La Barbera 9.75
5. Steve C Joyner 9.74

Customers say

What our customers say

“Fantastic support. A real pleasure to deal with someone who took the time to explain what was happening and kept me informed at all times.”

“The help that I have received from your company has been amazing. From emailing your support group to speaking with your forum moderators. You all make the experience wonderful!”

“As always, a very short response time, a very courteous answer, it's always a pleasure to contact AgileBits support.”

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