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FreshBooks ranked 1st place in Nicereply Customer Happiness Awards 2014, receiving the highest rating average in the World.

1. Alex Cowan 9.93
2. Matt Olthof 9.90
3. Boris Petrov 9.86
4. Sherwyn Pena 9.93
5. Joele Ferreira 9.85
11 063
96% of all ratings was the highest score 10

And only 1.26% of all ratings was the lowest score 1

What Our Customers Say

“Winston made it great....from start to finish was knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful! Keep up the great work.”
“Solved my issue within minutes. This is the epitome of great customer service. Thanks Phil!”
“Grace's reply was snappy, happy and full of good tidings. What's not to love about Grace? I suggested that she take the day off with full pay and that i would OK it with you..”

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Company description
Nicereply commentary

One busy afternoon in 2003, Mike accidentally saved over an invoice and lost his work. Then and there the inspiration for FreshBooks was born; there had to be a better way to bill clients. Eight years later and over five million users strong, FreshBooks has grown to be the leader in cloud accounting for small businesses around the world.
FreshBooks is one of our most important long-time partners and we are pleased to announce them as the winner of Customer Happiness Awards 2014. Their persistent focus on quality and excellent customer service made them a perfect example of modern customer oriented company. Thank you for being awesome :)