Here at Shinesty, it’s in our blood to be different in everything we do. As a seller of outrageous clothing for themed parties and events, it only makes sense for us to do things non-traditionally. We swear, call you names, and have a good time with you while solving your problem. This approach for us makes a sometimes dreadful experience pretty fun, engaging, and, weird. As a company run by millennials, we know what our generation likes, and doesn’t like, especially as it concerns contacting customer support. We also know that customer satisfaction isn’t the driver for returning customers, but the amount of effort customers have to exhaust to get their problems solved.

Shinesty follows the “Keep It Simple Shinesty” philosophy. Everything we do, we try to keep it as easy as possible for the customer ultimately rendering their experience effortless. Having Nicereply to help us implement and track our customer effort score gives us great data and insights into understanding what areas of our business are a bit too difficult, or to help us capitalize on what things we should continue to make more effortless.

With an NPS of 90, and a customer effort score of 6.73, Nicereply helps us keep a pulse on our customers to make actionable changes for the better. It helps us Stay Weird & Shine On.

Antonio King
Director of Experience, Shinesty

Best Agents

Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Cody Szymanski 9.95
2. Will Hilgendorf 9.84
3. Antonio King 9.88

Customers say

What our customers say

“Timely, helpful response. Shinesty customer support is a cut above the rest, be it online or brick-and-mortar shopping.”

“Can't fix perfect. You guys are awesome and will definitely be getting my business again!!!”

“Customer service is typically like electric shock therapy. it will be painful, you never know if it'll work out or the side effects. BUT THIS TIME the only side effect was a MAJOR HARD ON. i will probably have my first wet dream tonight.”

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