Congratulations to beauty supply company ipsy, who collected the most ratings, while keeping an impressive average rating of 9.4.
Average score 9.38
Number of ratings 91 430

ipsy Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

ipsy was founded with a singular mission: to inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty.

As the leading source of beauty discovery and inspiration, ipsy combines personalized sampling, content from top beauty creators and shopping to create the ultimate beauty experience – making it 100% about YOU.

What role does customer support have in
your company?

Customer Care is one of the primary ways we interact with our members. We work closely with our business partners in Marketing, Growth, Social Media, Product, and Merchandising to share member insights to ensure we're always providing the best experience possible.

We consistently brainstorm new ways to make our customers happy by innovating to delight our community.

What does
happiness mean
to you?

Customer happiness is ensuring that we're doing everything possible to bring a great ipsy experience to our members.

This means exceeding their expectations and providing them with peace of mind and reassurance that they'll be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

What would you advise other companies to
do to achieve the same success as you did?

To be successful, constantly question the status quo and look for ways to iterate and improve upon the customer experience.

The primary way we've done this is by using data to guide our decision making, and by listening to insights from our team on the front line who are interacting with our members every day.

How did Nicereply
help you?

Our whole company has a stake in the customer experience, so we use Nicereply to measure and report on what is going well and where we can do better. We read every comment left by our members, because we care deeply about the service we're providing.

ipsy is very data driven as a company so having both the quantitative and qualitative feedback on CSAT helps us improve our member experience every day.

What was the biggest challenge you had to
face this year?

Our biggest challenge this year was ensuring we consistently met our customer satisfaction goals as we grew as a company and added new features. There is always a learning curve for us and our members as we work to continuously improve ipsy, so we used Nicereply to hone in on our biggest opportunities to improve customer experience.

If we miss our CSAT goal, we immediately flag our team on trending issues, brainstorm solutions, and implement them as soon as possible. We all want to give the best experience, so it's always rewarding seeing our team emphasize the importance of coming together to make our members happy.

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Lucie Sudmeier 9.74
2. Justeen Tan 9.77
3. Nicole Pantinople 9.65
4. Karen Initan 9.76
5. Aimee Carismal 9.63

Customer thoughts

Super quick! I was very impressed by the speed and how I felt as if the response was personable! I love this company!!

Amazing. Very understanding and straightforward. Great customer service. More company’s should be like this.

Awesome customer service! I love ipsy!

Extremely helpful in making sure I was a satisfied customer. It meant a lot.

ipsy has the best customer service! They always reply quickly and resolve any problems, all with a really great attitude and in the nicest way. Very happy with ipsy's service, like always.

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