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Uncover insights about customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and more with Nicereply one-click surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Get a better idea of what works to keep your customers satisfied. Use CSAT to gauge the performance of individuals and teams as well.

Optimized for deliverability

Clean code, small assets and responsive design ensure deliverability, fast-loading and high response rates.

Net Promoter Score Surveys

Find out who trusts in your brand and why. Use this knowledge to enhance your support. Nicereply is officially licensed NPS vendor by BAIN & COMPANY, the inventors of NPS.

Customer Effort Score™ 2.0 Surveys

Measure the effort your customers have to exert when dealing with you. Use CES to find and remove friction points.

Post-resolution surveys

Survey your customers automatically after you close a ticket, conversation or a deal. Set the delay when triggering surveys.

In-signature surveys

Ask customers for feedback at the bottom of every email. Act quickly to turn a conversation around, when it starts to derail.

Website pop-up surveys

Get real-time feedback on your website's user experience. Convert more customers by improving the usability of your websites & software.

Use your own email template

Want to use Nicereply survey in your own templates? No problem, Nicereply surveys can be placed into any HTML supporting template.

Survey Link

Get feedback about your brand and customer experience at every customer touchpoint by using survey link URLs.

Instant ratings

We record your customers' answers as soon as they click the survey. Even if they don’t finish it, you’ll still know how they felt.

Mobile-ready surveys

It doesn’t matter what device your customers use. Our responsive surveys are designed to look great on any device.



Tailor your surveys with themes, customized colors and logo to match your brand and customers without any programming knowledge.

2 Thumbs CSAT Scale

The easiest option to use. Give your customer 2 options. Satisfied, or not.

3 Smileys CSAT Scale

Allow your customer to express a neutral opinion with a third option.

10 Stars CSAT Scale

Get the most detailed answer out of your customers. Give them the opportunity to express a wide variety of emotions.

5 Stars CSAT Scale

From customer support to product reviews. The 5-Point scale is easy to understand yet suitable for a large number of responses.

Color themes

Make your survey match your brand. Create a color theme that goes with your brand, or choose from predefined themes.

Extra questions

Learn more from your customers, by asking them an extra question. An additional question can have the same scale as the main one, as well as a completely different one.


Serve more regions with ease. You can translate all our surveys into any language of your choosing.


Make your surveys more trustworthy, by being more recognizable. Include your logo at the top of your surveys.

Code-free customization

Design beautiful surveys without any coding knowledge required. All the customization can be done easily within the Nicereply app.


Improve your response rates by asking the right question. Change the wording of your survey question to fit your customers.

Custom thank you page

Let your customers share their satisfaction on social media, or perform other desired actions. Direct customers towards a custom thank you page of your choosing.

Automated trigger settings

Set surveys to trigger only for specific teams or agents. Choose the right time after resolution. You can survey immediately, after an hour, or the day after. It's up to you...

Oversurveying protection

Prevent your customers from being over-surveyed. Choose how often your customers can receive automated survey emails.

Custom survey domain

Your surveys can be hosted on a custom survey domain of your choosing.



Integrate Nicereply with your helpdesk system to enable advanced features, such as triggering automated surveys and syncing data about customers, tickets, and agents.

Nicereply works with the most popular systems.
See the full list of integrations

Send feedback to helpdesk as a comment

See feedback from your customers, pushed to their tickets in the form of a comment.

Create tags in helpdesk based on feedback

Nicereply will automatically tag your ticket with the feedback value for the respective ticket.

Customer sync

Customers often don’t share their names in feedback forms. Nicereply will automatically add customer names based on the ticket ID.

Agents sync

Sync all your users from your help desk to Nicereply with one click.

Ticket backlink

See the feedback in context to the case. Ticket backlink takes you back to the rated ticket, so you never lose context

Automation rules

Follow up with satisfied or dissatisfied customers. Set automation rules in your help desk account based on the feedback you receive.

Send feedback to Slack or Microsoft Teams

Using our Zapier integration, you can instantly send received feedback to a dedicated Slack or Microsoft Teams channel to share with your team.

Import customers

Import large number of customers at once from a *.CSV file, or directly from within your help desk system.

No extra tickets

Unlike other solutions, Nicereply doesn’t create new tickets to push feedback back to your help desk. Nicereply sends the feedback to the same ticket used by your support agent, so it’s always easy to see it in context.


Connect any of your internal tools or apps with Nicereply via our API.

All integrations in all plans

There are no complicated plan tiers, or gating. You can use any integration with any Nicereply plan.



Measure improvements, predict future trends and stay on top of your customer experience with real-time CSAT, CES, and NPS feedback.


See all your CSAT, CES and NPS data in a clean, easy to navigate dashboard.

Rating feed

See your ratings with comments in real-time. All your feedback appears here listed chronologically, featuring details about the rated agent, customer and ticket.


Recognize your best performers, train those who still need to improve. See and compare the performance of different agents, teams, and departments.

Open rate and Response rate stats

Measure the performance of your automated emails. You can see how many automated surveys were sent, opened and answered.


Never miss a feedback. Receive email notifications about new feedback ratings as soon as they arrive. You can choose which feedback values to be notified about.


Showcase your hard work. Generate reports of your CSAT, CES and NPS activity.

Trend charts

Prepare for the seasonal workload. Identify trends in CSAT, NPS and CES performance, as well as response volumes.


See how many positive, negative, or neutral feedback you have received.

Chart comparison

Compare any metric’s performance with a previous period of your choosing.

Customers view

Uncover what experience your customer had so far. In customers view you’ll find a list of all the customers who’ve given you feedback as well as overall stats of their satisfaction.

Issues view

You’ll never forget to deal with negative feedback again. Every negative rating is displayed on the issues screen until you resolve it.

Data sampling options

Make charts as detailed as you need them to be. Choose, if you want to see data in increments of weeks, days, or hours.

Edit incorrect scores

Mistakes happen and sometimes your customers will give you a rating of 1 despite saying how great you were in the comment. You can fix these mistakes as admins in your Nicereply account.

Companies benchmarks

Compare your performance to that of other companies. We display 10 best performing companies using Nicereply in our Happiness Stats.

Mobile view of rating feed

Sometimes you need to see your feedback no matter where you are. Our rating feed is mobile-ready for those moments.

CSV export

Need to analyze your data further? Export them as a *.CSV file and import them to a software of your choice.



No one likes reading through countless manuals, or waiting weeks for service implementation. Nicereply is designed to be simple, so you can have it up and running in no time.

Quick setup

Setting up Nicereply is a matter of minutes. You can set it up yourself by following a step-by-step guide, or you can book a call with our product experts, who’ll set it up for you.

Dedicated account manager

Sometimes it’s great to get help. Nicereply gives you a dedicated account manager responsible for your account, to whom you can call or write in case you have any questions or problems.

Free setup call

We’ll help you set up your account on a Zoom call for free. No matter how big or small your team is. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Help center

Need assistance fast, or just want to see what more can you do with Nicereply? We have a robust help center full of helpful articles and guides.



We have plans for teams of all sizes.

Yearly or monthly billing

Save money with a yearly billing plan, or use the monthly plan for better monthly cash flow. If you’re interested in a customer billing solution, contact our sales team.

30-day money-back guarantee

Were you not satisfied with Nicereply? We offer a full refund within 30 days of your first payment.

Only pay for answered surveys

Don't overpay for unanswered surveys. With Nicereply you only pay for real results - survey responses.

Change your plan anytime

Scale up or down as you need. Changing your plan can be done within a few clicks.

Cancel anytime

Is Nicereply no longer fitting your needs? Are you not satisfied with our services? You can cancel your account anytime.



Make sure the right people within your organization have the right access to what you want them to see.

Multiple agent roles

Designate if your users are admins, or agents. Admins can access account settings as well as view the performance of all teams and agents.

Agents without access

If you feel not every agent needs access to the Nicereply app, you can choose to designate them as agents without access. You can still measure their performance, but they won’t have credentials to log into Nicereply.

GDPR ready

Nicereply is fully GDPR compliant. If you choose to cancel your account, we anonymize all the data after 3 months of inactivity. This can be done sooner per your request.

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