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We believe, that a great customer care have a direct positive effect on improvement of business performance. Whether it’s a startup, e-commerce or international corporation, we’ve helped hundreds of companies of all sizes since our start.


Salecto found Nicereply to be the most suitable solution for their business needs. Check out why Nicereply is a great choice for this kind of company.

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Andersen & Martini Team

Read how Mikkel from Andersen & Martini talks about how using Nicereply helped them to identify unsatisfied customers, and turn them into sales.

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CloudTalk team photo

Listen in as Erika from CloudTalk outlines how to scale your team successfully.

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Slido team photo

Listen as Jacob from Slido highlights the support techniques they use to build the best product.

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Flickr team photo

Listen as Elliott from Flickr walks us through the times when SmugMug acquired Flickr and how they redefined support during an acquisition.

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Blueberry Markets

See how Blueberry Markets benefits from measuring three satisfaction metrics.

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Argeweb team photo

Learn how Argeweb uses CSAT scores in bonus structures & review discussions.

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Cooleaf team photo

Read how customer feedback helps Cooleaf grow better.

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Lenovo offices

See how Lenovo utilize full potential of CSAT to their needs.

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Front Team

Learn how to provide world-class support with Front.

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Sense Lans team photo

See how to improve support experience through customer ratings with Sense Labs.

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Martinus Team

Read about humanity and passion for customer happiness at bookstore Martinus.

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Koala Team

See how Koala keeps customers surprised and delighted with thanks to their support team.

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BobBarker Team

See how measuring CSAT expanded their ticketing system’s survey capabilities and enabled them to report out on a regular basis to their team.

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AirTreks Team

Read their story about measuring 3 CS metrics for customer happiness to glimpse into aspects of their customer journey.

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Neat Team

Learn how Nicereply helped Neat improve their customer satisfaction and quality of service overall, by allowing them to get customer feedback in real time.

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Republic Wireless Team

Recognized as a top carrier choice by Consumer Reports, see how they handle customer experience at Republic Wireless.

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DramaFever Team

Read an interview with Rachel Ferrara from DramaFever.

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ipsy Team

Find out how is it to run a customer care team with empathy at ipsy.

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Olark Team

How Olark support 10,000 paying customers.

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Mindvalley Team

Read exciting interview with Vykintas Glodenis, Head of Support at Mindvalley.

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Shinesty Team

Story about Customer Effort Score and frictionless experience at Shinesty.

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Pelikan Team

Read a short success story about how use Nicereply.

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Man Crates Team

Find out how Man Crates combines CSAT and CES feedback to achieve stellar results.

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Freshbooks Team

Growing from 6 to 90 agents? Find out how Nicereply helped FreshBooks achieve this goal.

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HubSpot Team

Find out how HubSpot handles support and sales of their customers.

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Untappd Team

Providing a Real Human Touch with Untappd.

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