Creating Frictionless Customer Experience at Shinesty

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“Replacing Zendesk’s CSAT with Nicereply, we saw a 20%-30% increase in CSAT response ratings per week. Pulling last week’s numbers, we had a CSAT response rate of 58% which is almost unheard of.”

Shinesty was created for one reason only: to encourage the world not to take itself too seriously. Through years of research the masterminds at Shinesty have been able to curate a comprehensive collection of amazing. They started the company because they love crazy ass clothing and like to have fun with the good people in their lives. People at Shinesty honestly believe amazing clothing enhances life.

Shinesty ranked 2nd in category Small Businesses in Customer Happiness Awards 2018.

Shinesty operates with 4 core values: BE HUNGRY, BE WEIRD, BE NICE, BREAK BOUNDARIES. They aim to become the #1 brand in the world for people who party, be the most loved millennial consumer brand in the world and be the best place to work in the world for people who are authentic to the Shinesty brand.

Antonio King is Shinesty’s Director of Experience. He oversees two different departments: the customer experience and the employee experience.

“It’s a pretty incredible hybrid role to where essentially, I oversee both functions that support both the people internally as well as the people externally.”

At the time of writing this use case, Shinesty had around thirty-two people centrally located in Boulder, Colorado.

problem freshbooks


Back in May of 2016 Shinesty used Zendesk primarily for their CSAT responses. Zendesk offers and out-of-the-box email CSAT survey when you solve tickets. They also wanted to start sending CES surveys, but the Zendesk configuration made it difficult. At that time their configuration looked like this:

CSAT survey dispatched via email to the customer after the ticket is solved.

NPS survey dispatched via email to the customer 14 days (custom) after their original order, or maybe 30 days, 60 days, 90 days assuming they haven’t gotten one within that window.

• Transactional emails such as order information (shipping, delivered, etc) were dispatched to the customer’s email inbox.

“The intent on this entire endeavor was to learn and reduce the customer’s effort, but the potential of adding yet another transactional email is arguably doing the exact opposite.”
Shinesty was struggling with incorporating CES survey into their flow without sending yet another email. That’s when they came across Nicereply.

Solution Freshbooks


Shinesty eliminated Zendesk CSAT and replaced it with Nicereply’s in-signature CSAT.

“Email surveys, amirite? Sure, the easiest to deploy, but the response rates weren’t to my liking. We averaged 15%-17% response rate from email a week. Instead, we replaced it with the in-signature method that Nicereply advocates for heavily as a better means of collecting more ratings.”

After starting using Nicereply Shinesty noticed immediate improvement.

“Replacing Zendesk’s CSAT with Nicereply, we saw a 20%-30% increase in CSAT response ratings per week. Pulling last week’s numbers, we had a CSAT response rate of 58% which is almost unheard of.”

Thanks to in-signature CSAT, Nicereply also made room for sending CES surveys. “With Zendesk’s CSAT out, it made room for me to employ Nicereply’s CES survey system in the vacant email transactional opening.”

“It’s simple, really: reduce the amount of hoops people have to go through to get their problem solved. Without Nicreply, we would have had to introduce another piece of friction to reduce friction, which would have been the unfortunate thing to do to accomplish the objective we were after. ”

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