Delivering Service Beyond Customers’ Expectations at Bob Barker

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“Hiring the right people, holding them to a high standard, and praising them for doing things right has served the IT Team at the Bob Barker Company well.”

description Bob Barker

In 1972 Bob Barker set up his business in the back of a barber shop and started supplying food service equipment to jails. From those modest beginnings, Bob Barker Company has grown into the nation’s largest detention supplier.

“From the very beginning, Bob Barker’s commitment to delivering service beyond expectations has remained the same. That’s why you can always depend on Bob Barker Company for the broadest selection of top-quality corrections products at competitive prices, with fast and efficient customer service and delivery.”

“Our Vision is Transforming Criminal Justice While Honoring God in All We Do. Our Mission is GRIT (Grow,Redeem, Inspire, Transform). Our Core Values are Start with Love, Act with Courage, Deliver Solutions, Perform with Distinction, and Be Humble.” They have more than 200 people on their Team and are headquartered in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, with another location in Ogden, Utah.

problem bob bakerProblem

Bob Barker’s IT Team uses Zendesk for Service Desk ticketing. “Zendesk has a very limited way to measure customer satisfaction. We faced the challenge of providing our user base with an expanded measurement of the quality of our service.”


“Nicereply’s 10-point scale provides a way for the Director of IT to follow up on any customer satisfaction score that is 8 or less. By doing this, the IT Team learns from detractors and service continues to improve. Internal customers now have expanded scoring capabilities that enable them to be more expressive about the assistance they received.”

Bob Baker’s Corporate Culture

“At the Bob Barker Company, we measure what’s important to us. The IT Team provides a shared service to our company. Since our internal customers don’t have a choice, we want to ensure that our IT Team is the best option.” The company provides a pay-for-performance bonus for every Team Member. The IT Team’s monthly bonus combines five metrics – with customer satisfaction being one of them – which makes effective measurement of customer satisfaction very important to all parties.

“We selected Nicereply because it had great reviews, was reasonably priced, and met all our
requirements. Additionally, we noticed the ability to create an NPS and Customer Effort score, which are being considered for future metrics.”

The Bob Barker Company IT Team’s stellar customer satisfaction is related to how each IT Team member has embraced and internalized their Core Values. “Starting with Love, the Team deeply cares about every Team Member. They Act with Courage by being willing to be held accountable and do the same to others. Delivering Solutions is their job and they constantly receive encouragement for Performing with Distinction. Lastly, the IT Team understands what it means to Be Humble, as they are happy putting others first in every interaction.”

“Nicereply is an excellent tool to measure customer satisfaction. However, without clear expectations, a solid vision, mission, and values to drive purpose and promote practice, your results will vary. Hiring the right people, holding them to a high standard, and praising them for doing things right has served the IT Team at the Bob Barker Company well.”

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