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Man Crates Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

We know guys, and we especially know how tough it is to find gifts guys actually want. Man Crates helps you celebrate the men in your life with unique and exciting gifts you’ll be proud to give, and he’ll be thrilled to receive.

Our MANifesto:
We believe gifts should be exciting, nay, unforgettable! Giving gifts should be as fun as receiving them, and honestly, we’ve never gotten giddy handing some poor sap a necktie in a shiny box. Our mission is to make awesome gifts that guys actually like, gifts that reek of excitement and bring people together. We’re in the business of making memories with a hint of mischief.

We are Man Crates, and we make awesome gifts guys love.

What role does customer support have in
your company?

We strive to make our customers feel that our service is just as awesome as the gifts we provide. Man Crates has an awesome team of folks in every department driven by one of our core values: Customer Obsession.

As Customer Champions, we try our hardest to offer unique interactions with every contact that are served up with the same excitement and humor you find on our website. Gifting can be a stressful experience, and our number one job is to support our customers and the folks they're buying gifts for through that whole process in any way we can, particularly when something goes wrong.

Ultimately, we want to let our customers know they’re in good hands. We do this by oozing confidence, and owning and correcting every issue (even if it’s not our own). If ANYTHING takes away from the customer’s experience we’ll defend their experience by letting them know that they’re covered by the High-Five Guarantee, and then do everything it takes (literally) to turn that negative experience around.

What does
happiness mean
to you?

Doing whatever it takes to have our customer feel better for having contacted us, and living the promise of our High-Five Guarantee in every interaction with our customer.

The High-Five Guarantee is the standard by which we operate and the bar we measure success by. It guides our decisions and helps us to provide awesome experiences every time. It’s pretty simple really. We think our products are awesome, and we guarantee our customers will too. If they’re unhappy with their purchase or experience for any reason, we’ll make it right and give them the kind of service you’ll want to high five us for.

What would you advise other companies to
do to achieve the same success as you did?

All those ideas about how nice it would be to blow your customers out of the water on every interaction, act on them. Don't just think nice things, do them. Keep your promises, and make every decision through the customer's eyes.

Be the customer's champion at every possible opportunity, and solve their problems with empathy and energy. Saying you’ll do something awesome is one thing, doing it is another. Execution is key. Be sure to always keep your promises with your customers, your word is your bond. Be sure to leave the customer better for having reached out, and instill confidence in feeling that if they ever need you again they can count on that level of service every time.

How did Nicereply
help you?

Nicereply allowed us to effect a paradigm shift in the handling of our email queue and changed the way my team was allowed to handle tickets creating a more efficient queue experience for our Customer Champions, and an exponentially better experience for our customers.

Having mid-conversation CSAT allowed my team to gauge the customer's response before their interaction was complete, and allowed for us to adjust course if necessary to make that customer happy. Instead of making up for a bad experience after it had happened, we were allowed to correct that experience while the conversation was in progress.

What was the biggest challenge you had to
face this year?

Our gift-driven business revolves around a few major hoilday spikes. As a result our big challenge every year is the same, scaling our support to meet demand while maintaining consistency in our level of service.
We'll continue to grow, and we'll continue to face this challenge, and I know that waving a robust CSAT solution will be a huge help during these spikes, allowing us to celebrate our victories, and hone in on interactions that could have been improved through agent training and coaching.

Best agents

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1. Nick Thomas 9.96
2. Elaine Riggs 9.84
3. Molly S 9.81
4. Robbie L 9.70
5. Kealan Winfrey 9.75

Customer thoughts

Outstanding customer service! My concerns were addressed immediately and professionally. Don’t change a thing!

I have never had an issue with any of the man crates that I have ordered. They are exactly what they say they are and they ship very promptly. I am a return customer and will continue to be one!

Your customer service was excellent and made me love this company that much more. I received a timely response with a positive result. Thank you guys!

How very nice of you and such a quick response! Please keep me on your email list, as I think your product is so clever. I will certainly purchase from you again and will pass on to others. Thank you

I have never heard of you before this season. You can bet I will buy again and I will tell my friends. You are first rate with your response and case resolution. Keep up the good work. I wish you all much success!!!

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