Congratulations to real estate broker software SkySlope, who ranked 1st among Medium Businesses.
Average score 9.73
Number of ratings 13 206

SkySlope Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

SkySlope is the industry standard for Digital Transaction Management and Transaction Coordination. Our products streamline the transaction process so real estate professionals can focus on growing their business. SkySlope’s digital, cloud-based solution includes automated file review, real-time compliance tracking, and fully integrated forms.

What role does customer support have in
your company?

At SkySlope, our Support Team is the barometer for product and customer satisfaction. We are the front line and first responders for our customers, whether they are an established user or an intrigued prospect. Available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat, our users know we are here to assist with any problems, day or night. We aim to set the standard for phenomenal support.

What does
happiness mean
to you?

Our customers may run into issues but they know that we are always here when they need help. Customer happiness happens when we create a positive experience that is both memorable and reassuring. We strive to provide a phenomenal and delightful experience for our users.

What would you advise other companies to
do to achieve the same success as you did?

Set the bar high. Don’t be afraid to try new tools and test their viability. Update, upgrade, innovate, but above all else, be open to feedback (both internal and external) to gain a better understanding of the impact of these changes.

How did Nicereply
help you?

Nicereply allows us to take a real-time pulse of our users and how satisfied they are with the Support they receive. It allows us to set goals and constantly improve and adjust our processes. Being able to integrate with other tools and services is a big plus.

What was the biggest challenge you had to
face this year?

In May we upgraded the look and feel of our product. While we made every effort to inform our users in advance, it still created some confusion. We proceeded with the understanding that change is hard and our support team rallied to help users get acquainted with the new upgrade.

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Logan L. 9.82
2. Chris G. 9.77
3. Dan T. 9.77
4. Ciarra T. 9.76
5. Marissa G. 9.77

Customer thoughts

You're customer service is truly the best around! Always so helpful and quick. Thanks!

The support I received was excellent! The issue I contacted SkySlope about was resolved in a timely manner. This was my first time contacting SkySlope support and I'm impressed.

Knew exactly what I needed and fixed it within seconds. Love the service.

The Skyslope Support Team is always super; big or small issues.

I love love love your support!!! The ability to reach support instantly and with out delay makes you wish all compaines and services were this way!!! You are very quick to respond with correct and relevant answers to solve the issues at hand. I have been so pleased with the amount of help and patience your team displays when dealing with us moody people! ;). It has been an amazing experience!!!

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