Congratulations to company, that is bringing all the power to Wordpress - WPMUDEV. They ranked 3rd among Medium Businesses.
Average score 9.86
Number of ratings 2 342


Please briefly
introduce your company

WPMU DEV, everything you need for WordPress, on unlimited sites, with first-class superhero support.

What role does customer support have in
your company?

The only role, top role!

What does
happiness mean
to you?

Customer happiness is our everything!

What would you advise other companies to
do to achieve the same success as you did?

Ask yourself two simple questions, if I was the customer what would I like to happen and what would I reasonably expect the company to do. You can't always please everyone, but never hurts to try.

How did Nicereply
help you?

We use lots of tools to gauge customer satisfaction. Nicereply is one of them that helps bring some of our ratings in to create a nice overview of our Accounts team.

What was the biggest challenge you had to
face this year?

The same challenge we face every year, continually striving to improve our products and services.

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Luís Lopes 10.00
2. Samantha LaRue 9.93
3. Mike Davis 9.81
4. Christy Dailey 9.90
5. George Michael 9.81

Customer thoughts

Fantastic speed of response, even though on the other side of the world, and, like every interaction I've had with WPMUDEV, unfailingly positive and helpful.

Excellent customer service. Responded quickly, professionally, and was very friendly and helpful. I felt genuinely cared for as a person...not common these days. Thank you for the excellent customer support.

BOOM! Smashed it out the park! One reply, issue sorted, resolved and a happy customer - cheers Mike and WPMUDEV team!

Superb personal support, with compassion and understanding. Top work guys!

WPMUDEV is as awesome as ever! Always impressed.

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