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The ultimate guide to Customer Effort Score

Learn how to make your customers more loyal, by identifying and removing friction points from your customer experience.

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ebook, you will learn

  • What is Customer Effort Score (CES), how it works and how it compares to CSAT and NPS
  • How to improve your customers’ loyalty by using CES
  • How to implement CES in your team and organization
  • How to read CES results and what should be your benchmark
  • How other businesses use Customer Effort Score
  • How to combine CES with other customer support metrics for a better overview

More about this ebook

In this ebook, we'll walk you through the basics of Customer Effort Score how to measure it and how to implement it. We’ll also take a look at how other companies use CES in their support operations and how you can read, analyze and benchmark your data against others.

Measuring the quality of your customer support can be a tricky endeavor. All too often we focus on improving every customer interaction, instead of trying to reduce the need for it. Don't get us wrong, aiming for that perfect CSAT score isn't a bad thing, but it is no longer enough to keep your customers around.

In a fast-paced world, where the competition is just a click away, “being nice” to customers who reached out to you simply isn't enough to cut it. Let's be honest, we want to solve our problems as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Complicated forms, looking for long lost IDs, having to call someone... These are all reasons to “go elsewhere”. Customer Effort Score is poised to help you get rid of those “high-effort experiences”.

With CES you measure how easy it was for customers to get a resolution to their issue. This way you don't have to rely on satisfying frustrated customers through multiple tiring interactions. Using CES you will instead identify and remove every touch point that makes your customers nervous, confused or frustrated. With that trimmed away, what remains are satisfied, loyal customers enjoying their effortless experiences.

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